Dear fellow Member,

I would like to introduce myself as the new Honorary Secretary of the Kenya Fly Fishers’ Club.

The excellent and much revered ‘Ness’ is taking a break from the onerous duties as Hon. Sec., so at the direction of our beloved Chairman Chris Harrison, and as inexplicably agreed to by the Main Committee, I will attempt to follow in her footsteps as best I can.

I have only been fishing in Kenya since moving here just over seven years ago and so have much still to learn. But I do know an Alexander from a Zulu.

Do please contact me on this email address, with any queries you may have, including Applications for Membership. I am your first point of contact with the KFFC’s Main Committee and its sub-committees (Fishing, Marketing, Special Projects and Administration).


You should by now have received notification of what promises to be a superb social evening, the Fish and Fowl Ball Masked Ball on Saturday November 8th at the Talisman Restaurant in Karen, at which, you will no doubt be pleased to hear, there will be no speeches or fundraising. Honest.

The Talisman has been booked for our exclusive use that evening and the aim of the event is to bring Members, Lady Members, partners and friends together in the true spirit of the KFFC.

Included within the ticket price are Venetian-style masks that will be delivered to all revellers prior to the great night. Dress is black tie/evening dress. Our Club colours of Gold and Green may provide some further inspiration.

Tickets are priced at Kshs 6,500 per head, which includes:

  • A special dinner and delicious bitings created by Chef Marcus Mitchell
  • A delicate sufficiency of Prosecco before dinner
  • Half a bottle of good wine per person, placed on your table
  • A specially selected and priced wine list from Wines of the World
  • Proper dance music from DJ Babs
  • A photograph of you in your splendour, by Photobooth
  • The merest hint of a smile on the lips of Satian Patel

Drinks and canapés will be served from 19h30 and we will begin to sit down to dine at 20h30.

Finally, Chairman Harrison asked me to include a photograph of myself in this email but I don’t have one to hand and anyway I have a face more suited to radio appearances.

See you at the Fish and Fowl Ball I hope!

Best wishes,

Martin Minns

Hon. Sec.

Martin Minns
Date Published: 
Tuesday, September 9, 2014